Reel Memories ®

Introducing Reel Memories, a video record of your family history, as told by an elder member.  So often, some of our basic family history is lost when we lose the people who experienced it.  In many cases, stories and events are never even shared because the questions were never asked.  Don’t lose the opportunity to record and share the special memories of your family before they are lost forever. 


Reel Memories involves interviewing a senior member of a family and compiling the best stories into a finished video with photos and objects related to this history.  It’s like having a documentary made of your family.  Preserve those stories about your inventive uncles, or the moment when you were born!  Do you know what the weather was like the day you were born, or what your parents said or did on that day?  Do you know what your grandparents did for a living, and how they met?  Wouldn’t it be great to have those classic family stories permanently recorded, told by the ones who were there to witness it?


This is a fully customizable program.  Packages start at $899.  This is a perfect gift for a family to give itself to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any other special event.  Please contact us for a quote.  Interviews will be done with the family member in their own living space.  Family photographs will be scanned in, without leaving the home.  Travel costs will be added to locations farther than 50 miles from Danbury, CT. © Glenn Johnson 2013